Inventor’s Facebook Group Survey

Welcome to our survey to gather your thoughts on our “Independent Inventors – Help Has Arrived!” group on Facebook. Way back in 1999 I worked as a Patent Attorney and started my website to help independent inventors such as yourself to protect and profit from their inventions.

Later, back in 2007, I started this Facebook group to allow experienced inventors to share their wisdom and insights about protecting and profiting from their inventions with new inventors. We now have over 15,800 members!

I have never done a member survey until now to determine what is being done right and what needs to be improved in the group. I invite you to share your thoughts as well as provide input about a new Inventor’s Weekly Mini-Course Series that I am starting to help inventors learn the skills needed to protect and profit from their inventions.

So as an added incentive to provide feedback on both the group and the mini-courses, I am throwing in a FREE Membership to my new Inventor’s Weekly Mini-Course Series when you complete the survey. It includes 3 new videos per week on the topics YOU want to learn such as protecting inventions, prototyping, testing, revising design, cost estimating, pre-production prototypes, production processes and equipment, licensing, and whatever you tell me you want to learn about.

I will be selling this for $37.00 per month shortly so jump in while it is still FREE.

Thanks for your participation in the survey.

To your success,

Brian Rayve

Brian Rayve, Founder
InventionPatenting Group
Independent Inventors – Help Has Arrived!