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Heart Surgery Invention

1. What Do You Want From Your Invention?

Inventors have various reasons for inventing. Some inventors want to help people such as a doctor who invents a new heart valve and installation procedure to prevent heart failure in her patients.

Then there is the rocket scientist who invents a “fuel-less” engine to propel space probes into deep space so mankind can further its knowledge of the universe.

Or the farmer who invents a new tool to pull behind a farm tractor to allow less water use and produce higher crop density so more food can be produced in poor, arid countries.

But I will “go out on a limb” here to say that most inventors want to make money from their inventions!

2. What is an Inventor to Do?

New inventors often spend $10,000’s on their inventions before they even know whether it has any chance of making them money. They do what they hear online, on television, from invention companies and patent attorneys, and from their fellow inventors.

This might include going to a Patent Attorney and spending over ten thousand dollars trying to patent their invention that turns out to be unpatentable or so narrowly covered by a patent that it is easy for competitors to produce products that work around the patent.

Patent Attorney

Or they will “hire” an invention company that tells every inventor they have a winning product and that produce no results except you spending more and more money.

And many inventors will needlessly pay thousands of dollars to have physical or virtual prototypes built so they can present their inventions to prospective investors or buyers.

Some inventors will even spend tens of thousands of dollars having tooling made such as for manufacturing injection molded parts that they will never use because the product changes or is not wanted in the marketplace.

There must be a better way to make money from your invention without spending thousands of dollars on an invention without knowing whether it will make you any money? And there is… having me do a comprehensive, professional “Invention Evaluation” done up front to have a good idea as to whether your invention has a good chance of making you money… at an affordable price!

Brian Rayve

3. Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My name is Brian Rayve from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. I am founder of the Invention Patenting Group. I launched my first website,, in 1999 to help Independent Inventors protect and profit from their inventions and new product ideas.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati Ohio, a Juris Doctorate (Law) Degree from Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio, and a Masters Degree in Finance and Marketing from The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio.

My job experience includes working as a Manufacturing Engineer in the Aerospace Industry, a Mechanical Engineer in the Large Mining Truck Industry, a Design Engineer and Engineering Supervisor in the Medical Equipment Industry, an Engineering Manager in the Bottle Capping Industry, and a Patent Attorney at a law firm.

My experience as an entrepreneur includes running my own home-based Patent Law Firm and running an online marketing business.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn and on Facebook. I also invite you to join my Independent Inventors – Help Has Arrived! group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. What is an Invention Evaluation?

An Invention Evaluation is where I personally take a comprehensive look at your invention regarding the eleven most important aspects of your invention. This includes initially focusing on you by reviewing how you have documented your invention, discussing your goals for the invention, and analyzing your strengths and weaknesses as an inventor and business person.

Next, I focus on your invention by looking at whether your invention solves a real problem in the marketplace, the complexity and feasibility of your invention as a marketable product, pricing, and usability & functionality of the product.

Invention Evaluation

Then I review prior and competitive products, competitive product pricing, and ease of market penetration for your product. Finally, I formulate a plan of action to achieve your goals including whether you should patent your invention, license, sell, or manufacture and sell products based on your invention.

Important Aspects of Invention

5. The Eleven Most Important Aspects of Your Invention Evaluation.

1. – Review Invention Documentation – Make sure invention is well documented and thought out.

2. – Discuss Inventor Goals – Determine what the inventor wants from her invention such as to start and run his own company, make money, help people, advance science, etc.

3. – Inventor Analysis – What experience and skills the inventor has such as management, business, engineering, manufacturing, sales, machine tool operation experience.

4. – Efficacy of Invention in Solving Core Problem – Whether the invention efficiently and effectively solves a real problem that people have.

5. – Product Complexity and Feasibility Analysis – Whether the invention can be actually and cost-effectively be turned into a marketable product.

6. – Product Usability and Functionality – Can products based on the invention will be usable and functional at solving the target problem addressed by the invention.

7. – Prior and Competitive Products – What former and current products will be the competition and their basic cost, distribution channels, and retail and online sales outlets.

8. – Basic Price Structure – The projected wholesale, distributor, and retail prices for products based on the invention.

9. – Market Penetration Analysis – How competitive products based on the invention will be in the targeted markets.

10. – Patent Strategy – Whether patent protection can and should be pursued on the invention.

11.  – License or Manufacture Products Plan of Action – An action plan to pursue or not pursue the invention, and licensing or manufacturing products based on the invention determined by inventor goals and analysis of the prior 10 aspects of the invention.

4. Options for Invention Evaluations

We realize that inventors such as yourself who are looking to protect and profit from your invention or new product idea each have your unique needs and budgets.

That is why we offer several invention evaluation plans for you to choose from that are tailored to the special needs of individual inventors.

Invention Evaluations typically take 2 to 6 weeks to prepare, depending on the complexity of the invention, availability of information about the invention from the inventor(s), and such related factors.

Options For Invention Evaluations
100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you are not absolutely thrilled with your Invention Evaluation, let me know what you think needs to be added or changed, and I will do my best to rectify the problem to your satisfaction.

Simply send me an email to to explain what you would like to see added or changed. I will do my best to correct it to your liking.

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